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Chief Justice's Summer Placement Programme 2024

On 5 June, Chief Justice O'Donnell officially welcomed the 28 law students taking part in the Chief Justice’s Summer Placement Programme 2024 to the Four Courts.

The Chief Justice’s Summer Placement Programme for Law Students is an annual month-long programme which gives third level law students the opportunity to shadow a judge of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal or High Court.

The programme takes place in conjunction with the annual Hardiman Lecture Series, named in honour of the late Mr. Justice Adrian Hardiman, which involves a range of lectures given by highly regarded speakers from members of the judiciary, legal practice, and academia.

The programme emerged out of longstanding links with Fordham University Law School in the United States and has gradually expanded to become an Irish and international programme involving Irish universities, institutes of technology, colleges and higher-level institutions; Queen's University Belfast; Ulster University, Belfast; Fordham University School of Law, New York; the University of Missouri, Kansas City; and Bangor University, Wales.

To learn more about the programme, click here. We wish the class of 2024 the very best with this year's programme!