The Supreme Court

Notaries Public

Notaries Public

Appointment Process

Notaries Public are appointed by the Chief Justice sitting in open court. Applications are made by petition showing the residence and occupation of the petitioner, and his/her suitability to be appointed a notary public. The petition should include a statement that the petitioner obtained a certificate from the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland in compliance with the provisions of Order 127 of the Rules of the Superior Courts.

The petition must be verified by the affidavit of the petitioner. A certificate or certificates of fitness generally signed by six members of the legal profession and six leaders of the local business community should be exhibited in the affidavit.

The petition is brought before the Chief Justice by notice of motion which must be served through the Supreme Court Office on:

  • the Registrar of the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland
  • the Secretary of the Law Society

The petition may be moved by counsel or solicitor on behalf of the petitioner or by the petitioner in person.

The general practice is to appoint solicitors only as notaries public. When a person who is not a solicitor applies, they must give an undertaking to the Chief Justice not to engage in conveyancing or in legal work properly performed by a solicitor.


  1. Petition €85.00
  2. Affidavit €20.00
  3. Notice of Motion €60.00
  4. On lodging Notice of Motion €6.50
  5. Service of each copy €1.00
  6. On commission (if application successful) €330.00