The Supreme Court

Online Leave Application

Online Leave Application

The Courts Service has launched phase 1 of the Supreme Court e-filing of leave to appeal on Courts Service Online (CSOL) This allows solicitors' firms and law offices of state bodies to lodge Applications for Leave to Appeal in the Supreme Court Office electronically in cases where parties are legally represented.

A practice direction, streamlined court forms, and new rules of court support the process, which will yield benefits for practitioners including the following:

  • Facility to apply for leave online.
  • Facility to upload relevant application documents.
  • Online payment of fees.
  • Facility to upload respondents notice.
  • Facility to upload a booklet of additional documents.

CSOL Registration Process:

To lodge an application online, legal firms and offices must register on CSOL. The three-step registration process is set out below. Please note that the Google Chrome web browser must be used to enter data and access information on CSOL.

Step 1: Create an account

The first stage is the creation of an account by entering data electronically on The following data is required to be entered.

  • Account Type (Choose 'Legal Firm Account')
  • First Name
  • Last Name (This should be the contact person designated by the firm or office in respect of CSOL. 'Administrator')
  • Email address
  • Name of Firm or Office (Some of this information is pre-populated from a database which is provided by Law Society)
  • Law Society Number
  • Firm or Office Address
  • Bank Account Details

Step 2: Manual documentation

  • The firm/office administrator downloads from CSOL documents that are required for registration.
  • These documents should then be completed in hard copy along with other supporting documentation, as set out in CSOL, and returned to:

Central Application Support Unit

Courts Service

Circuit and District Court Operations

Phoenix House


Dublin 7

Step 3: Activate firm/office account

  • When the manual documentation is received by the Courts Service, an email with an activation link issues to the email address provided.
  • The administrator in the firm/office follows the instructions in the email and activates a firm/office account on CSOL.
  • The administrator can now access CSOL and register additional users from the firm on CSOL.

Online guides and support

Online guides are available at the following links:

Support is available at [email protected].

This is a pilot project initially available to solicitors' firms and law offices of state bodies.