How to Apply

Step 4
Attend Circuit Court Hearing

You and the respondent will receive a notice from the court office informing you both of the date and place of the appeal hearing.

In some counties, you may have to attend a County Registrar's court before the full hearing of the appeal. At this court, the County Registrar will decide the date and venue where your appeal will be heard in the Circuit Court.

The Circuit Court hearing will be a complete re-hearing of the matter appealed. Family law cases are heard in camera (in private) to protect the privacy of the family. Only court staff, people involved in the case and any other people the judge allows will be in the courtroom. You must not discuss the case with any other person, apart from your legal representatives, unless a judge allows it. This is to protect everyone's privacy.

  • If you fail to attend court, the appeal may be struck out by the judge. This means that the appeal will not go ahead and District Court order will remain in place.
  • If a respondent fails to attend court, an order may be made in their absence.
  • If the case is heard, the appellant and respondent(s) will be required to present their cases. If you do not have a solicitor, you will be required to know the court process. You might want to get legal advice to better understand what's involved.

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