Family Law

Family Law deals with a range of legal options relating to family and domestic matters. These include separation and divorce, maintenance, arrangements for children and domestic violence. It also covers many other legal matters such as marriage exemptions and gender recognition. Find out more below about the full range of topics and how they may apply to you.

You will also find a link to support services that may help you with your Family Law issue.

Family Law matters

Separation and Divorce

When your marriage or civil partnership ends, you may decide to separate or divorce. Find out about the various legal remedies open to you. These include separation agreements, judicial separation, and divorce, among others.

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Maintenance is financial support - often money - for a spouse, cohabitant or civil partner, as well as children. Find out more about maintenance arrangements, maintenance eligibility, and how to apply to court for a maintenance order.

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Arrangements for Children

Find out more about issues relating to the upbringing and day to day care of children. This includes Guardianship, Child Custody, Access to Children, Paternity and Parentage of Children, and certain passport applications.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is any act or threat of physical, sexual or emotional violence against you or a family member. It also includes coercive control. This guide will explain what protections are available to you and how you can apply for a court order.

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More Family Law Matters

Family Law also covers a range of other legal matters that may affect you. Follow our guide through these including nullity of marriage or civil partnership, marriage exemptions, gender recognition applications, among others.

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Support Services

There are a number of nationwide support services available that might be able to help you. These include legal & resolution supports, domestic violence supports, family and parenting supports, as well as supports on other matters.

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Preparing for Family Law Court

This video outlines how to prepare for a court hearing in Family Law Court. It covers how to plan your journey, what documentation you are required to bring, as well as other topics, like accessibility needs.

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This video outlines what happens at the courthouse on the day of your court hearing.

It covers what to do when you arrive, who can accompany you, where to wait, and other helpful tips.

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