Preparing for Family Law Court

The time leading up to a Family Law court case can be stressful. It is natural to feel uncertain. It is also reasonable to feel anxious about being in a courtroom or speaking to a judge, solicitor or barrister.

You will naturally have many questions about what happens before, during and after your case is heard. This guide - and our helpful videos - will take you through each step.

These will help you best prepare for your visit to court.


How to prepare for your Family Law Hearing

This video outlines how to prepare for a court hearing.

It covers how to plan your journey, what documentation you are required to bring, as well as other topics, like accessibility needs.

Attending Family Law Court

This video outlines what happens at the courthouse on the day of your court hearing.

It covers what to do when you arrive, who can accompany you, where to wait, how your case is called, plus other helpful tips.

A Guide to the Find Us Section

This short video describes how to navigate our Find Us contacts page.

Alternatively, there is a written guide.