Planning Your Trip to Court

A day in a Family Law court can be stressful. It's always best to know the courthouse location, how to get there, and how much time you should allow for travel. Knowing about nearby parking or public transport links can also take away any added stress.

You can plan your journey with these helpful steps:


1. Locate your courthouse

Your court documents will contain the name of your courthouse, as well as the time and date of your hearing. To find the address and eircode of the courthouse, visit our find us section.


2. Know how to get there

Now that you know where the courthouse is located, here are some options to get there.


Helpful Tip: To make sure you are on time for your hearing, use Google Maps to calculate expected travel times for a variety of modes of transport, including walking. Use Google Maps Street View to familiarise yourself with the courthouse surroundings


3. Know what facilities are available

You may have specific requirements such as a wheelchair ramp, accessible toilet or assistive hearing technology. Not all courthouses have these. For more information contact the court office.

Food and refreshments are not available in courthouses. So come prepared.

Click here to find out what's available at the courthouse you will be attending.


4. Make all necessary arrangements in advance

You should also think in advance about any arrangements you may need to make. Always allow for extra time being needed for childcare, parking and travel purposes.

  • Childcare facilities are not available at any courthouse.
  • Cases may not run as scheduled or run in the order in which they are listed. They may also be delayed or deferred to another day.


Video: How to prepare for Family Law court

This video outlines how to prepare for a court hearing. It covers how to plan your journey, what documentation you are required to bring, as well as other topics, like accessibility needs.


Video: How to use our 'Find Us' page

This short video describes how to navigate our Find Us contacts page.

Alternatively, there is a written guide.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check courthouse or court office opening hours?

All courthouse and court office opening hours are available on the Courts Service of Ireland website Times can vary from location to location.

Who should I contact if I can't remember the date or time of my hearing?

Please contact the relevant court office. Click here to find the contact details.

For Circuit and High Court cases, the legal diary on the Courts Service of Ireland website contains lists of cases to be heard.