Domestic Violence

Domestic violence includes - but is not limited to - any act or threat of physical, sexual, or emotional violence, or coercive control. This is also often referred to as domestic abuse. These acts or threats can be against you or a family member. Domestic violence also includes acts and threats of a financial or digital nature. This is where someone uses money or online harassment to control another person. 


Violent acts or threats can be made by someone who is related to you by blood or adoption, such as parents, adult sons and daughters, and grandparents. They can also be made by people the court considers an intimate partner. These include current and former spouses, civil partners, cohabiting partners, your child's other parent, and unmarried intimate partners. Disputes between neighbours, tenants, or roommates are not covered by domestic violence law.


You may be eligible to apply for a domestic violence order or a combination of orders. Some orders direct a person to stop committing further violent acts or threats against you. Others can also direct them to leave the home. Domestic violence orders are issued by a judge in court. Find out more about understanding court orders below.

Are you at risk now?

If you are in immediate danger or feel that you and/or your children are not safe, contact the Gardaí immediately by calling 999 or 112.