If Someone Breaches a Court Order

What happens if someone does not comply with an order?

Not complying with a court order may be considered a criminal offence. Anyone who prevents you or your dependents from entering or remaining in a place to which the order relates may also be found guilty of an offence.

This is called breaching an order.

  • These offences apply to deliberately breaching a safety order, protection order, barring order, interim barring order or emergency barring order. They apply while the order is in effect.

If you have been given an order and the respondent breaks it, you should:

  • immediately call the Gardaí
  • show the investigating or responding Garda or Gardaí a copy of the order
  • listen to and follow their instructions on what to do next

You might want to get legal advice to better understand what's involved. Domestic violence support groups are also there to help you with your issue.

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