Arrangements for Children

Whatever the nature of your relationship, you may need to be aware of issues relating to children that result from - or form part of - that relationship. These issues include:


  • Guardianship is a person's legal responsibility to make decisions and perform duties regarding a child's upbringing.
  • Custody means the day-to-day care and home life of a dependent child. In custody matters, these are children under the age of 18.
  • Access refers to the legal right of a child and an adult to have contact with one another when they no longer live together.
  • Child Passport Issues refers to court orders about the application for - and possession of - a child's passport.

You might want to get legal advice to get a better understanding of the issues involved. Mediation and support services are also available to help you with these issues.

Child safety

If you have concerns about the safety of a child you should report the issue to Tusla and the Gardaí. You may need to make a court application in relation to an issue that impacts a child. If you have any concerns in relation to the safety of the child, you should bring this to the attention of the judge.

Getting help