Separation and Divorce

When your marriage or civil partnership ends, there are a number of options available to you.

separation agreement is where both spouses or partners agree on how they will live separately. It is an out-of-court agreement which means it is not set out by a judge.

Where both spouses cannot agree and want a judge to make a decision, they can apply for a judicial separation. This is a court order made by a judge setting out the terms by which both spouses will live separately. Neither a separation agreement or a judicial separation allow you to remarry.

A Divorce is a court order made by a judge dissolving a marriage. Each of the spouses can remarry after a divorce order is granted. You do not have to have a separation agreement or a judicial separation before applying for a divorce.

Similarly, you can ask a judge to legally end a civil partnership.

You might want to get legal advice to get a better understanding of the issues involved. Mediation and support services are also available to help you with these issues.

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