The Divorce Process

Step 2
Applicant completes and submits initial application

To begin divorce proceedings, the applicant will need to complete the necessary paperwork to make the initial application and submit it to the court office.

The application has to be made in a Circuit Court office located where either spouse works or lives. For example: if the applicant and respondent both live in Meath but work in Dublin, the application can be made in either the Meath or Dublin Circuit Court.

Complete the application

To create the initial application for divorce, the applicant will need to complete:

  • A Civil Bill. This is the application document for the court judge (Form 2N)
  • An Affidavit of Means. This is a statement setting out the applicant's financial circumstances (Form 37A)
  • An Affidavit of Welfare. This is a statement relating to the welfare of any dependent children of the marriage (Form 37B)
  • A document stating they have been advised about mediation. This must be signed and submitted by their solicitor if they have hired one to represent them. If they are representing themselves, they do not have to submit this document (Form 37D)

The applicant must sign all affidavits in person in front of a solicitor (but not their own solicitor) or Commissioner for Oaths and swear that the information given is correct.

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Submit the application

The applicant can now submit three copies of the documents to the appropriate court office. This can be done by post or by attending in person. Documents cannot currently be submitted by email. For more information about our court offices, click here.

If the application documents are approved, the court office will issue the civil bill. This will have an official embossed seal, record number and a date stamp. The court office will return the original civil bill and a copy of any affidavits to the applicant.