Can I Get Divorced?

In Ireland, there is a ‘no-fault’ divorce system. This means that a judge does not consider or ask why the marriage ended. When making a decision to grant your divorce application, you must prove to a judge all three of the following:

  1. You live apart from one another
    • You and your spouse must live apart for at least two out of the previous three years.
    • You and your spouse can live apart in the same house. This means you cannot be in an intimate and committed relationship while you live together. A relationship does not stop being intimate just because the relationship is no longer sexual in nature.
  2. You live in Ireland
    • You or your spouse must live permanently in Ireland, or
    • Either of you lived in Ireland for at least one year before you apply for divorce.
  3. There is no reasonable chance that you will get back together with your spouse.


You will be asked to provide sworn evidence to a judge to confirm that these are true and accurate descriptions of your circumstances.


Can I get a divorce?

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Are you or your spouse living permanently in Ireland?
Have you or your spouse lived in Ireland for at least the 1-year period before the application will be made?
Have you and your spouse been living apart for a period of at least 2 out of the previous 3 years?
Is there a chance that you and your spouse will get back together?