The Divorce Process

Case Progression?

Case Progression is the management of a case by a County Registrar before it goes for a full hearing before a judge. A County Registrar is an officer of the court who can make certain decisions in relation to a case.

The aim of this is to confirm that all steps necessary have been taken before a case is heard by a judge. This will help make the hearing process quicker.

How does Case Progression work?

The decision to use the case progression process depends on the circumstances of your case. If your case requires a case progression hearing, the Courts Service will serve both parties with a:

  • Case Progression Summons. This will tell you the date and time that you (or your solicitor) need to attend the County Registrar's hearing. It will also tell you what you need to do beforehand.
  • Case Progression Questionnaire. This aims to find out what the applicant and respondent agree or disagree on. It also discovers what needs to happen before a judge can hear a case. After you receive the questionnaire you need to:
  1. Fill it out.
  2. Serve a copy on the other party.
  3. File it in the court office at least seven days before the hearing date.

Attend a Case Progression hearing

Both the applicant and respondent (and/or their solicitors) will attend this hearing and discuss the case with the County Registrar. The County Registrar can then make directions or orders to ensure that the case is properly prepared before it goes for hearing before a judge.

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