Search for issued grants

Searching the Probate Register Online

The Probate Register Online is your resource for finding basic information about grants of representation issued in the Republic of Ireland from 1992 onwards.

Required information

  • The full name of the person who died
  • The date of death

For records prior to 1992, please contact the  National Archives of Ireland.

Note: Under Irish law wills become public once a grant of representation has been issued. If a Grant Type is listed as "Intestate" this means that the person who died did not leave a will.

How to make your search better

  • Name variations: If the person who died was known by different names, search each one. Use an asterisk (*) for name variations (e.g., "Ma*" for Mary or Margaret).
  • Surnames: Leave out prefixes like Mc, Mac, O’, Ó, Ní, Nic, or Uí for a broader search. Include a space for Mc/Mac and Ó/Ní but not for O’ (e.g., "Paul Mac Grath", "Seán Ó Riada", "Mark O’Neill").

Ordering documents

Once a grant has been issued, anyone can request copies of the grant and will (if there was one).

  • For any grants found in the Probate Register Online you can order copy documents from the Probate Office or District Probate Registry.
  • You must order copies from the office that issued the original grant.
  • Older records can be viewed in the Reading Room of the National Archives.

Steps to order

  1. Note the full record number. (The prefix indicates the issuing office).
  2. Fill out the Order Form.
  3. Pay the required fee:
    • Solicitors can pay using stamped court fees.
    • Members of the public can pay by postal/money order or cheque made payable to the Courts Service.
    • If ordering from a District Registry please contact them directly for information on payment methods.
  4. Submit your completed order form along with payment to the office that issued the grant. There is more information below to help you find out what office you should order copy documents from.

Incomplete payments or forms will result in a delay in processing your order.

Which office to make your order from

Orders for copy documents must be sent to the Probate Registry Office that issued the grant.

To find out which office issued the grant check the office code in the record number for the grant.

The record number is displayed in the search results when you search the Probate Register Online and is made up of:

  • The year of issue
  • A two character office code
  • A six digit number

For example 2024 PO 123456.

Use the two character office code to find the issuing office from this list.

Find the appropriate Probate Registry

Fees for documents

Any Official copies of any Will, Grant or Other documents   €15
Sealed and certified copy of Will or Grant€25
Official copy of Will and Grant€30
A verified copy of an Inland Revenue Affidavit€25
Sealed and certified copy of a Grant€20
Sealed and certified copy of a Will€20
Statement of Affairs€25